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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Campaign for a New Workers' Party News


Promoting a working class alternative for the council elections

Manchester CNWP held a successful meeting to discuss the widest possible opposition to New Labour at the elections in May. Everywhere you go groups are challenging the New Labour more


The trade unions must break with New Labour!

Manchester Trades Council recently organised a debate on the Labour Link, which was attended by over twenty-five union activists and saw a lively and important discussion take more


Fight Post Office Closures!

A Mexican wave of protest is travelling around the country in response to the Post Offices plans to close 2,500 local more


Liverpool CNWP call for an Alternative Capital of Culture for the millions, not the millionaires

Liverpool will be Capital of Culture in 2008, but the event has become the product of the spin-doctors and marketing more


Pressure for a new party grows

Events over the last month have demonstrated yet again the dire need for a new mass political force to the left of the establishment parties that can fight in the interests of working class more


Weather of Mass Destruction needs a new political force to oppose it

On Saturday December 8th 2007, hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - will demonstrate around the world demanding urgent action to stop the Weather of Mass Destruction which climate change is already more

New Labour sleaze - more snout in the trough

The so-called anonymous donations scandal sparked off by the laundering tactics of David Abrahams, another New Labour millionaire, has generated a media more


Kick big business out of the NHS; Kick out big business politicians

Across the country, the NHS is facing cuts and closures on an obscene scale government attacks on our health services have meant over 22,300 jobs lost so far, with more to go if they get their more


Tony Benn evades the issue

Tony Benn can still draw a crowd. Over 200 students packed into a recent Stop the War Society meeting at University College London to hear him more


Brown won't listen; It's Time for a new workers' party!

The newly merged union Unite is leading a lobby of the Labour Party conference on Sunday 23 September. A whole list of grievances will be presented to the Labour leadership in defence of the rights of working more


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