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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Fight Post Office Closures!


A Mexican wave of protest is travelling around the country in response to the Post Offices plans to close 2,500 local branches. They are rolling this programme out, area by area in order that there is not a synchronised national movement against them. Each time closures are announced, a six week period is given for “consultation”. So far only a tiny minority of branches have been reprieved. This is on top of the ongoing closures of Crown Post Offices, with their functions being taken over by WHSmiths.

For many local communities this will be a devastating loss of services. It will hit the elderly and disabled the most. The Post Office thinks it is OK for these people to travel up to three miles to their nearest alternative!


These proposals are being carried through on the instructions of the government. The services which have been withdrawn from post offices by the government have resulted in a loss of revenue from local branches. This is of course in total contrast the billions of pounds being pumped into Northern Rock to save rich bankers.


The agenda behind this is the eventual privatisation of Post Office services. On a local level, fearful of losing votes, some councillors and MPs from all three main parties have opposed closures of Post Offices in their own constituencies. Usually these “campaigns” merely amount to a photo in the local paper outside the threatened post office.  But it is the Labour party which is behind this attack, and none of the other main parties really oppose privatisation and the overall cuts in services.


In contrast in some areas there have been strong local campaigns actively involving people, including various demonstrations and lobbies as well as submissions to the consultations. However the problem has been the difficulties in linking up these campaigns across regions and nationally.

If a mass working class party existed today it would oppose all closures and privatisation. This would not just be verbal, but would use its membership base by mobilising a massive campaign from the local level right up to a national level until it became an issue reminiscent of the Poll Tax!


That is why supporters of the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party are actively involved in local campaigns against Post Office closures across the country whilst arguing for the formation of such a party. If you agree, get involved in campaigning in your area, help fight back against the immediate cuts we’re facing and help build support for the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party!


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