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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Kick big business out of the NHS

Kick out big business politicians

Across the country, the NHS is facing cuts and closures on an obscene scale – government attacks on our health services have meant over 22,300 jobs lost so far, with more to go if they get their way. Gordon Brown has made this clear with his promise to “continue accelerating the pace of reform in the health service.”

Brown and health secretary Alan Johnson are following the same path laid down by Blair and Patricia Hewitt before them; our health services are to be slashed over the next few years. In London for instance, the new framework document for the health service, if implemented, will mean half of all general hospitals will close.

All the unpopular measures leading towards privatisation are continuing unopposed by any of the establishment parties.

But across the country these attacks are being opposed tooth and nail by health workers, service users and community activists. Over the past year hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in local demonstrations against NHS cuts. The 3 November demonstration represents the first national expression of this anger.

Supporters of the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party (CNWP) have been amongst the voices calling for a national demonstration against NHS cuts for over a year now. Finally the demo is taking place but why is it that a trade union that organises in the health sector would drag its feet rather than spearhead a national campaign to defend the health service? Unfortunately, the answer is simple: Unison, like many trade unions, is still tied to the Labour Party.

Not only do unions like Unison hand over millions of pounds of their members’ money to a party that has repeatedly kicked them in the teeth, but that tie to New Labour means Dave Prentis and his ilk will do anything they can not to rock the boat.

That’s why we say the trade unions affiliated to New Labour need to break the link – not one more penny to the party that has been riding roughshod over our public service. But we don’t want non-political trade unionism – working class people need a political voice, currently there is no party on a mass scale that can offer that voice. The big three – New Labour, Liberal and Tory – all support the same privatisation policies for our health service.

All the millions of pounds that currently lines New Labour’s coffers should be used to support candidates that actually have our interests at heart – anti-cuts, anti-privatisation, pro-public services candidates and the like. This could be an important step towards the creation of a new party of a totally different character to the bosses’ parties – a mass party that stands on the side of workers and patients, not bosses and share holders.

Fighting candidates win

Last year, when Dr Jackie Grunsell stood as a Huddersfield Save Our NHS candidate she was elected onto Kirklees council with a majority of 807 votes, one of the highest majorities in the country. This was an excellent victory for the Huddersfield NHS campaign and also shows the potential that exists for a new party that fights in our interests. A campaigning mass party could enthuse whole new layers of working class people and the Huddersfield campaigns victory shows on a small scale what could be possible nationally.


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