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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Campaign for a New Workers' Party News


Credit Crisis - Fat Cat Britain

Gordon Brown boasts of building a 'stable' economy and 'ending the Tory boom and bust.' Tell that to the hundreds upon hundreds of ordinary people queuing round the block outside Northern Rock to withdraw their life more


Fighting unions need a new fighting party

Insisting that public sector workers must accept below inflation pay rises - in reality, pay cuts – Gordon Brown showed how little difference there is between the Blair and Brown more


George Monbiot on the Labour Link

The unions might as well cut out the middle man and give their money to the more


Trade Unions - break with New Labour

Rail workers' union (RMT) general secretary Bob Crow broadened the debate about the need for a new workers' party when he addressed the National Shop Stewards Network recently. He said the Labour Party was 'finished' more


Bob Crow calls for new party

The founding conference of the National Stop Stewards Network took place on Saturday 7 July with nearly 300 shop stewards and workplace representatives more


Fighting for a political voice for working people

As Blair gave his leaving speech to Parliament, he was greeted with a standing ovation from all the establishment parties. As Jonathan Freedland pointed out in the Guardian: “If the Tories had clapped Margaret Thatcher in 1990, which they did not, Labour MPs would have sawn off their own hands rather than join in.” more


Gordon Brown's cabinet: 'government of the talents' will be a 'parliament of the privatisers'

In her comment piece on 22 June (High risk can yield high rewards), Polly Toynbee states "[Brown's] overture to the Liberal Democrats was a masterstroke. It calls time on a 100-year-old feud between parties that now struggle to invent separate identities." more


Campaign for a New Workers' Party Press Coverage

The following letter was carried by the Guardian on 18 May 2007: The coronation of Gordon Brown leaves a major question facing John McDonnell and his more


Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference decisions

The following resolutions were passed at the CNWP conference on 12 May more


Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference - Socialist Alliance report

Dave Nellist welcomed comrades to the meeting.  He read out greetings from Dai Davies MP, the Socialist Justice Party (Sweden), CAP (Belgium) and a councillor from Wigan Community Action Party.  He then spoke about Blair’s more


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