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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Gordon Brown's cabinet: 'government of the talents' will be a 'parliament of the privatisers'

In her comment piece on 22 June (High risk can yield high rewards), Polly Toynbee states "[Brown's] overture to the Liberal Democrats was a masterstroke. It calls time on a 100-year-old feud between parties that now struggle to invent separate identities."

It is particularly galling for those in the labour and trade union movement that Gordon Brown has approached Liberal Democrats about joining his cabinet. Over one hundred years ago there was a debate within the workers' movement as to who could best give a political voice to working people should trade unionists concentrate on putting pressure on the 'progressive capitalist' Liberal Party or should they fight for their own independent political voice.

Tony Blair has in the past stated that he felt the break with the Liberals had been a historical mistake, and now Gordon Brown is proving in action that he holds the same belief. It must be clear to all now that there will be no 'shift to the left' under a Brown premiership.

Polly also states: "Already in the wind there are good signals that Brown means change in Whitehall, in No 10, in openness and probity." Openness? Probity? Throughout his leadership 'campaign' Gordon Brown made no mention of his plans to woo Liberal Democrats.

Therefore, the question remains, should working people concentrate on putting pressure on the 'capitalist' Labour Party (it can not even be described as progressive) or should they fight for their own independent political voice?

More and more people are thinking the latter, with almost 3,000 having drawn the conscious conclusion that a new party for working people is necessary and signed up to our campaign. If it goes ahead, a 'government of the talents' will be a 'cabinet of cutters' and a 'parliament of privatisers' and can only result in even greater numbers of working class people deciding that we need a party of our own which can take a principled stand against the politics of the establishment parties.

Cllr Dave Nellist

National Chair

Campaign for a New Workers' Party


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