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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Big Business Blairism

Time for a new party

Can Labour be 'reclaimed'?

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A party of a different order

Could a new party make it more likely that the Tories are re-elected?

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What kind of structure?

How can we ensure a new party does not go the way of the Labour Party?

For the millions, not the millionaires!


For the millions, not the millionaires!

The case for a new mass workers' party

How can we ensure a new party does not go the way of the Labour Party?

We see a new party as a beginning, not an end.

There can be no doubt that a mass workers’ party, organised on a national basis, would have a huge effect on raising the confidence of working-class people in Britain.

However, it will be a step forward only in so far as it represents the interests of the working class.

We have no interest in creating yet another big-business party like New Labour.

And even before the Labour Party was completely ‘Blairised’ its leadership repeatedly acted in the interests of big business once in office.

In reality, while it was undoubtedly a workers’ party at its base, it was a party of big business at the top.

We are not proposing to build a new party with the same faults as ‘old Labour’.

However, it would be naïve to imagine that it is possible to ‘guarantee’ the future of a party before it is even born.

The best ‘guarantees’ that can be offered are founding the party on sound political foundations, with democratic structures and an active membership.

Supporters of the CNWP will do all they can to make sure that a new party is founded in this way, and that it develops in a healthy direction.

Many of those who support the CNWP would argue that those in any new formation who stand for public positions, such as MPs and councillors should take only the average wage of a skilled worker in the area they represent.

We believe that this policy can play an important role in making sure the party develops in a healthy way and that its representatives remain in touch with ordinary working people.

We would argue for others in a new formation to adopt the same policy.

In the past, some socialist MPs within the Labour Party only tool the average wage of a skilled worker.

Today in Ireland, the Socialist Party MP Joe Higgins also takes the average wage of a worker.

Even the tabloid press has felt compelled to describe him as a socialist ‘that money can’t buy’.

He recently proved his principles again when, along with thousands of local activists, he organised a campaign against the introduction of an unfair tax, the bin tax.

As a result of standing up for his principles and taking part in a peaceful protest, he and Socialist Party councillor, Clare Daly, were sent to prison for a month by the Irish courts.