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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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For immediate use 26 June 2006

 A ballot of UNISON conference delegates and visitors showed that 87% thought the union should stop funding the Labour Party. The poll, conducted by Campaign for a New Workers’ Party supporters at the conference, attracted nearly 200 voters - a 10% sample of delegates and visitors.

158 voted to stop funding the Labour Party, 23 voted to continue funding and there was one spoilt ballot paper.

Roger Bannister, national secretary of the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party said: “This confirms our belief  that there is a strong feeling amongst UNISON members that there should be a ballot on this issue. And if such a ballot were to be conducted, then there would be a substantial majority for ending the funding of the Labour Party by UNISON.”


The Campaign for a New Workers’ Party (CNWP) was launched in London at a Conference attended by 450 socialists and trade unionists on  March 19. Over 2,000 supporters have already signed the founding declaration, and a number of left groups have affiliated.  Officers and a Steering Committee have been elected, and former Labour MP Dave Nellist is the chair.  The CNWP founding Declaration can be seen on our web site:

For further information contact:

Pete McLaren on 07881 520626

Dave Nellist on 07970 294237