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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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For immediate use 16 May 2007

The second annual conference of the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party cemented plans to gain further support for a new mass socialist party, to provide people with an alternative to the right wing agenda being pursued by the three main parties.  CNWP Press Officer Pete McLaren reported today that the conference had been attended by around 350 socialists, trade unionists and community activists from up and down the country, similar to the number who had attended the campaign’s launch last year.  “The recent council elections clearly showed the need for a new unified left wing party and we are determined to build it,” Pete McLaren added “We have already gained the support of over 2,500 activists who have signed our Declaration for a new Workers’ Party, and what we agreed at our conference should ensure we reach the 5,000 target we have set ourselves,” he concluded

CNWP Chair and Socialist councillor Dave Nellist confirmed the steps taken at the conference.  “We agreed a number of policies to use in our campaigning, including opposition to racism and the BNP, a living minimum wage of £8 per hour, immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, a radical extension of democracy including proportional representation, and working for a democratic socialist society based on public ownership and protection of the environment,” he stated.  “We also agreed a number of strategies to build the basis for a new mass workers’ party.  The Conference was excited about the prospects of forming a new and radically different socialist challenge to the establishment, and it expressed its determination to campaign against cuts, privatisation and the BNP, organise a CNWP speaking tour, organise fringe meetings at all major trade union conferences, co-ordinate the political work of left councillors, and produce regular newsletters.  It was a very positive conference, and I am certain we will now move further forwards.  There is a vital need for a new left party and we have now done the groundwork.  Our campaign will soon turn into a major electoral threat to the establishment parties,” he concluded.

CNWP Officers for the next 12 months were elected as follows:

Chair – Dave Nellist; Vice Chairs – Gerry Byrne; Jeremy Dewar; Clara Pyard; Secretary – Roger Bannister; Assistant Secretary – Hannah Sell; Treasurer – Greg Maughan; Press Officer – Pete McLaren; Trade Union Officers – Glen Kelly; Terry Pierce; Officer for Wales -  Andy Price; Youth Officer – Tracy Edwards; Community Officer - Mel Mills


The Campaign for a New Workers’ Party (CNWP) was launched in London at a Conference attended by 450 socialists and trade unionists on  March 19. Over 2,500 supporters have already signed the founding declaration, and a number of left groups have affiliated.  Officers and a Steering Committee have been elected.  The CNWP founding Declaration can be seen on our web site:

For further information contact:

Pete McLaren on 07881 520626

Dave Nellist on 07970 294237