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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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The progress towards a workers’ alternative in the general election

Monday 28th September 7:30pm

 Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street,

near Euston station

In the June euro-elections, for the first time in 100 years, a national trade union stood candidates against New Labour. No2EU-Yes to Democracy, initiated by the RMT transport workers' union, succeeded in winning a creditable vote of more than 150,000. This initiative was welcomed by the Campaign for a New Workers Party. A London CNWP meeting in April discussed and supported it.

The meltdown of Labour's vote, which allowed the election of two BNP MEPs, demonstrates even more the need for a working class alternative. In London in recent months underground workers, postal workers, schools, FE and university staff have been forced to strike to defend jobs. All these battles cry out for political representation. 

No2EU-Yes to Democracy brought together the RMT, the Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Britain, the Alliance for Green Socialism, the Indian Workers’ Association, some branches of Respect, and others. Supporters of the Campaign for a New Workers Party took part. Amongst its candidates were leaders of the most militant struggles in Britain this year, including the convenors of the Enfield and Basildon Visteon plants, members of the Lindsey construction workers' strike committee, and Rob Williams, Unite convenor of the Linamar car components plant – sacked and now victoriously reinstated.

Since the election, the constituent parts of No2EU have continued to meet, discussing the possibility of a general election challenge. Last weekend Bob Crow announced in the Times that he had had informal talks with various organisations in order to plan for a workers alliance in the general election. The RMT executive has formally given Bob Crow the go-ahead to pursue a working class trade union-based electoral challenge. A venue has been booked for a conference to discuss all this in Camden on 7th November.

The CNWP meeting on Monday 28th will discuss this important development. It will discuss how we can appeal to all trade unionists and socialists who want to see such a challenge to work to create an electoral bloc on a bigger scale than No2EU was able to achieve.

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