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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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G20 Protests


Ahead of the G20 summit later this week, tens of thousands of trade unionists, young people, environmental activists and community campaigners marched through the streets of London on the TUC-backed Put People First demonstration.


Campaign for a New Workers' Party Trade Union officer Terry Pearce was interviewed by Reuters news agency and can been seen here, Terry is the second person interviewed.


Of the march, Terry stated:


"The G20 Demonstration on Saturday 28th March saw the first appearance of our brand new Campaign for a New Workers Party banner. The CNWP had a good impact on the march, with a number of marchers photographing the banner and others commenting positively on our slogans. We also had campaign our new postcards with us and many were handed out along the route, with new members were signed up along the way. We marched alongside the RMT and supporters of Youth Fight for Jobs who were vociferously expressing the views of young workers and students. I was especially impressed at the large numbers of young people on the march and the obvious anger expressed at the role of the bankers and the New Labour government.

As the bosses crisis deepens it is clear that we desperately need a new party to represent the interests of workers and all those suffering as a result of the crisis, we must raise our ideas during the course of the NO2EU campaign. The CNWP Steering Committee has agreed to support the NO2EU campaign as a way of reaching a wide layer of trade unionists and other activists with our ideas.

We see the G20 action as the beginning of a huge fight back by workers against privatisation, cut backs and redundancies and the CNWP must be at the centre of this. We proudly carried our new banner through the streets of London on the 28th March and for us it represents another step forward in our fight to win a political voice for all those deserted by New Labour. As our banner proclaimed, we seek a 'Party for the millions, not the millionaires'."



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