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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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'It's time for a new independent political voice for ordinary working people'

In the postal sector the Communication Workers Union faces a huge battle. The entire post office network is under threat, with 1 in 3 delivery offices, including Coventry's Bishop Street, threatened with closure. In the last 10 years 22 local post offices in Coventry have closed, with 4 more announced in recent days. The main city centre post office in Hertford Street has gone to WH Smiths.


The Labour Government and Postcomm, the 'independent regulator', opened up the British postal market to commercialisation before other countries. The cherry picking of services and asset-stripping by private companies has led to a race to the bottom and an unsustainable position for the Post Office and Royal Mail. Hundreds of local jobs are at threat.


In health New Labour wants privately owned clinics directly competing with existing GP and hospital services as a cuckoo 'competes' in the nest. Continuity of care, where one or two GPs know us over many years, will be lost.


It is no coincidence that US health corporations are muscling in on the NHS market. Tony Blair's health policy adviser became European president of one of the largest, United Health. Chan Wheeler, now Commercial Director of the NHS (a post created by New Labour on 300,000 a year!), was a former United Health director on a fraud charge in the USA. "Independent sector providers will weave and integrate with the NHS", he has said, "and I hope we will start to just think of NHS-registered providers of care, so it doesn't matter whether they are acute trusts, foundation trusts, independent sector or voluntary providers". Could United Healthcare, or a similar privateer, be on their way to Coventry?


A century ago trade unionists and socialists came together to fight for independent representation for the working class: the result was the Labour Party. In the past the Labour Party, however imperfectly, provided a voice for working people. Today, however, New Labour is a party of the giant corporations, its policies a continuation of Margaret Thatcher's attacks on the lives and living conditions of working-class people. And Gordon Brown has made it absolutely clear that this will not change under his leadership, that there will be no 'shift to the left'.


The Campaign for a New Workers' Party is so far sponsored by almost 4000 people almost 50 of them members of trade union national executives.


The campaign believes that the chance to reclaim the Labour Party has long past and there is no point in continuing to fuel false hopes. The CNWP has pledged to do all in its power to bring into being in England and Wales a new independent party for working people and their families.


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