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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Successful CNWP meeting in Berkshire

Berkshire CNWP and Reading Socialist Party jointly sponsored a CNWP Public Meeting in Reading, Berkshire on Tuesday 22 July. In the most successful meeting in the area for ages 16 people packed into a small meeting room to hear Greg Maughan speak. The encouraging aspect of the meeting was that 8 of those present were new faces and all of these were young. Greg talked about the need to build a new workers party in the face of attacks on wages and the increasing cost of living facing workers and their families. It was agreed that workers need a new party as at present they have three Tory parties to vote for and there is a danger that unless we build a socialist alternative some workers will look to the far right in desperation.

Although the new people were quiet during the meeting afterwards they had many questions to ask and were keen to become involved. A healthy collection of 41 was raised to finance the work of the Berkshire CNWP. Clearly we must build on this successful meeting and ensure that the CNWP intervenes in local community campaigns against cuts and privatisations as well as build support for our ideas in the trade unions. The meeting even had an international flavour with a visitor from Ireland attending, Berkshire today the world tomorrow.

Terry Pearce

Chair, Berkshire CNWP

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