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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Newcastle CNWP:

building support in the North East

Saturday 29 March was the launch event for the Northern Shop Stewards Network & Campaign for a New Workers' Party supporters were out helping to build the network and putting forward the case for a new workers party.

The ideas of the CNWP were received with interest by many of the trade unionists in attendance and a number of people signed up to the declaration for a new workers' party. One of them was Shirley Winter, GMB member and organiser of the Magnet Women's Support Group. She spoke to Elaine Brunskill about why she's decided to support the campaign.

"After more than a decade of a New Labour government I've got a headache!  A big headache trying to work out how they say they are trying to tackle poverty. Why Thatcher's anti-trade union laws haven't been repealed.  Also the war in Iraq I can't believe a Labour government could support such horrific action.

Basically I'm sick of New Labour sucking up to big business and forgetting their roots, no wonder so many people have resigned from the Labour Party.

Now I can't see New Labour ever changing.  We've got to fight for a new workers' party that understands the needs of ordinary people, and are willing to tackle the problems that face working class people."

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