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Model trade union resolutions on funding of New Labour


The following resolutions were drafted by Merseyside CNWP supporter Eddie Roberts and are intended as a guide. The specific tactics of breaking the link with New Labour in the affiliated trade unions will be different dependent on union rules and regulations. If you would like support in drafting a specific resolution for your union branch please get in touch at



 Subject: Funding of New Labour

 At the (Number etc….) branch meeting held on……………….discussion took place on the above.

In light of the increasing criticisms of the present Government and the policies of New Labour as a whole, it is considered that a debate over our union’s position of continuing to fund New Labour is long overdue.

This branch declares that New Labour has consistently failed to give support to and recognition of our union’s policies. They have failed to make any changes to the anti-union laws enacted by the previous Tory Administration, which illegalised trade union actions of solidarity. And with the exception of the introduction of the Minimum Wage and grudgingly making a small amount of amendments to employment law, they have deliberately left the balance of power distinctly in favour of employers.

Being mindful of the union’s present policy and commitment to continue funding at this juncture, this branch decided to adopt the following resolution:

“This branch………………. calls upon the General Executive Council of our union to withhold sponsorship and funding to any Member of Parliament  who is identified as having consistently failed to vote in line with the policies, aims and objectives of our union and its members. This we feel represents a first step towards conveying our utter dissatisfaction with the role and performance of New Labour as a whole and signals an intention for further measures to be enacted by the union to withdraw financial support for New Labour unless evidence emerges of actions being taken to return to traditional Labour values and a to establish a restoration of the relationship once existing between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions.”

 Where a branch feels however that an even stronger approach might be feasible without firstly concentrating on unsupportive Members of Parliament, consideration might then be given to adopting a straightforward resolution calling upon their union to withdraw all funding New Labour. This would simply declare after compiling a suitable preamble:

Subject: Funding of New Labour

 This Branch (No…….) of the (…………..Union) having debated the question of the justification or otherwise of continuing to fund New Labour, decided at its meeting held on……………………… submit the following resolution:

 “This (….….) Branch calls upon the General Executive Council of our Union to put in train whatever steps might be necessary to give effect to the withdrawal of all funding to New Labour. The branch considered that New Labour’s abysmal record since 1997 of failing to remove the anti union laws and restore effective trade union rights speaks volumes for the nature and philosophy of New Labour. We therefore believe there to be no sense or justification in spending union funds on a political party that continues to act against the interests of our members. We urge our union to delay no further in enacting this necessary measure to withdraw all financial support.”